Wednesday, 6 January 2010

night time disruption by proxy

My kids are 1 and 3. 'Mischief'(a boy) and 'Pleeease'(a girl) respectively.

At night they are pretty good at sleeping, apart from the odd nightmare or weeing event.

Mischief has discovered a rather cunning way of waking me up without him having to lose any sleep!

While I am distracted with Mum type activities like shovelling toys, stacking-up washing and hosing down the kitchen. Mischief snuck into my room and set my radio alarm.

At Midnight there was an huge racket which I leapt up in an OMG-its-the-end-of-the-world panic and crushed instantly, but it was followed by a back up alarm-riot every hour thereafter.

I have no idea how he did this, but it was extremely annoying and resulted in the alarm being chucked in the wardrobe and buried under a pile of clothes.

This makes waking up for work a bit hit and miss, but more importantly makes me more aware of the power of Mischief whose favourite hobby is pressing buttons.

He finds it all the more satisfying if they make a rounded and reassuring beep to acknowledge his finger bouncing efforts.

We already hide remotes and cameras; cover on off switches on TV's, computers etc. But my Mischief proofing may have to go further!

His other favourite button pressing activity is fixing the timer on the cooker so I can't turn it on. I have learnt to solve this with a quick double button press so you needn't worry about us having no hot meals in this snowbound and wintry weather.

Even the doorbell doesn't get off lightly.

I wonder if this quick draw button beeping can be harnessed (in a 1year old) into a useful activity?

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  1. I have Grandchildren a similar age. 3 and 8 mths. The 3 year old Oliver could not pass a button or switch without activating it but that's a new one, the alarm clock. Hope he does not get to read this!